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Feeding system

Function of manual feeding
Manual feeding function By handed operation, you can feed pet food to your pet.
- call button : Pet acknowledge feeding time by melody sound
- Feed button : discharging food
- Preventing working by pet : Feed button should be pressed more than one second to prevent wrong
  working by pet.

Control of melody volume
Volume is controlled 5 steps considering pet's sense.

Control of food quantity
You can prevent your pet overeating by controlling food quantity.
- Per different setting time : serving regular feeding quantity
- In case of a grain size of feed is 10mm, it can serve 5g quantity by stages.

Function of Safety

Function of Interlock
In case pet or children open the cover by their carelessness, its motor stops automatically. It prevents children/pet from safety accident.

Function of stopper
Lock key attached on the cover prevent spilling out feed out of container caused by carelessness of children and pet.

Setting up feeding time
Function of timer feeding
Using digital watch installed PetWatch Timer version, customer can set up time. Automatically feed is discharged without manual operation. (Setting up the number of feeding times - 5times)
Timer feed feature
Set the time on the digital clock timer installed on the Pet Watch. Feed feed automatically at a set time.
(Up to 5 times a day, meal time setting)
Stopper(Locks for the lid)
In case either pet or children is open the lid and foods come out from the food tank, the lid of product is equipped with "Stopper"

Keeping cleanliness
Feed container can be easily separable from PetWatch body. It prevents insects from living inside PetWatch.

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