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제품특장점 사용방법 제품사양  
The function of Recording voice
Instead of melody call for feeding time notice, the pet can hear the recorded voice (Owner's voice) which is familiar to them.
The function of preventing Power Cable is separated from the body
The safety of Power Cable was strengthened. As a result, no worry to any impact caused by the pet's naughty movement.
Strengthened Cable
In order for the cable line not to be damaged by the pet, Cable line was double packed with rubber.
Adding food tray for maintaining cleanliness
The tray for food entrance is possible to be separated from the body. And water-washing is also possible.
Prevention the pet the power button
Power button is placed in inner side of body surface. Therefore it's difficult for the pet to access the power button.
The function of manual feeding
Manual feeding is possible while the pet owners with their pet.
- Call button : Melody call let the pet know time to feed.
- Feed button : Feeding food.
- The function of preventing the product works badly by the pet.
: All the buttons have to be pressed at least 3 secs.
Feeding time booking system (Max : 5 times a day)
Register the expected feeding time in the digital watch installed in the product.
And food comes out from the food tank at the time booked.
Possible to book feeding time maximum 5 times a day.
After setting feeding time, feeding is continuously performing followed by arranged schedule.
If you finish registering feeding time and exit from registration mode, you can find red light at the "Set Lamp". (In case of booking feeding time from set 1 to set 5, digital watch shows the red light at the "Set lamp" like the picture on the left.)
The function of controlling feeding amount (Diet Function)
It is possible to control feeding amount at each booked feeding time. Feeding amount can be controlled stage by stage. (8 stages - 10g/1 stage )
Interlock (The function of automatically stopping moter)
In case either pet or children is careless, when the lid of product is open, its' operation is automatically interrupted.
Stopper (Locks for the lid)
In case either pet or children is open the lid and foods come out from the food tank, the lid of product is equipped with "Stopper"
Clean feeding maintenace
The food tank is easily separated from the body. And separated food tank is possible to be washed. Thanks to its' water-washing, it is not likely happened for various insects such as ants, cockroaches, etc… to inhabit in the food tank.
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